If for some reason you have been waiting to blast pegs as Bjorn the unicorn or defend your home against endless waves of zombies, well, there is no better time than the present because PopCap has placed a select group of their most popular iOS games on sale for a limited time.


Peggle ($2.99 -> $.99)

Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99 -> $.99)

Chuzzle ($2.99 -> $.99)

Bookworm ($2.99 -> $.99)

Escape Rosecliff Island ($1.99 -> $.99)


Escape Rosecliff Island HD ($2.99 -> $.99)

Plants vs. Zombies HD ($6.99 -> $1.99)

Peggle HD is also technically on sale since that $2.99 price point you’re seeing is actually an introductory price that’s set to expire soon.

We’re not sure how long these sale prices will stick, so grab what you want while you can.