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Finger Sports (Free) by Cloud Soft is a sports arcade game that will have you sprinting, long jumping and (with an upgrade) running a hurdle race or javelin throwing.

This review concerns only the free version with the 100-meter race and the long jump. Wow, am I glad I didn’t bother investing in the upgrade.

Finger Sports by Cloud Soft screenshot

There’s really not a lot to do here. In both events, you can choose the one finger or two finger versions. In the one finger version, you tap on the screen as fast as you can (with only one finger please because the game is absolutely going to be able to tell the difference) to make your athlete run as fast as she can. Tap with both fingers to make her jump.

In the two finger version, you guessed it, tap with two fingers to generate maximum speed. Just be sure to alternate your tapping fingers because, as before, tapping with both fingers makes her jump.

Finger Sports by Cloud Soft screenshot

The jumping is, of course, useful only for the long jump. But regardless of which event you’re doing, there is only one level so there’s no progression of any kind. There are no computer generated characters to compete with or any kind of online play for multiplayer competition.

The game is free so trying it out won’t hurt you, but you’ll probably feel as though you’ve wasted your time.