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Google Plus Photo Importer ($0.99) by Dropico is a fast and easy way to get your photos from other social networks into Google+.

Google+ is the latest social networking foray from Google, and for the most part, it’s actually pretty decent. However, you have photos from all over the web, and there isn’t a very simple way to import your photos besides using Picasa. That is, until now.

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Google Plus Photo Importer is currently the easiest way to get your photos from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Photobucket and dump them into your Google+ profile.

Once you log in via your Google Account, you will be able to choose which services you want to import photos from. The available options are Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Photobucket. While the options may be limited, it is highly likely this is where your photos are stored anyway. Perhaps in the future, the developers can look into adding more services, like SmugMug, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

When you log in to your other accounts, you’ll be able to view your albums. Just tap on the album you’d like to view and then you will be able to see all of the photos. A button at the top will allow you to Select All (or None if you change your mind), or you can manually select each photo individually. Once the images are picked, just hit the Import button at the bottom. You can choose the Google+ album you want your photos to go in, or just create a new album.

Once you go through with an import, you’ll see two figures at the bottom, which represent the service that you’re importing from and Google+. These serve as the progress bar, as they toss photos to Google+. The thumbnail will change to represent which image is currently being imported. It serves as a real-time update on what is being sent to Google.

Google Plus Photo Importer by Dropico screenshot

If you have a lot of images to import, then it may take a few moments. Luckily, you can exit the app and have images be imported in the background. Even then, the app is reasonably fast when importing – importing about 100 photos will only take a few seconds, thanks to cloud-to-cloud technology.

If you’re a person that is a frequent user of Google+ and want all of your photos there with you, then this is the best tool for the job. However, you must be using at least one of the four services included, which can be a drag. Hopefully the developers can add more services in the future.

Google+ users who would like to have their photos imported to the new social network should definitely invest their dollar in this simple, yet effective, app.