Paper Zombie by WildBit Studios icon

Paper Zombie (Free) by WildBit Studios is yet another zombie shooter for the iPhone, but one with plenty of engaging gameplay and fun graphics. If you’re a fan of arcade style blasters, especially ones with creative artwork, then Paper Zombie will tickle your fancy.

Paper Zombie by WildBit Studios screenshot

Paper Zombie doesn’t vary too far from the traditional zombie shooting formula: users are positioned at one end of a long field, while a menagerie of undead and humans alike mill about. Players must take care of the zombies using a variety of weapons, all while protecting the fleshy and living from any unwanted injuries.

The included arsenal is really quite expansive, and goes a long way toward making the gameplay fun. Players are free to choose from a handful of different melee weapons, ranged offerings like shotguns and rifles, and quite a few tossed armaments, as well. Within each category, weapons can be purchased when unlocked, creating an extra incentive to play the game and earn “zcash.”

The developers have also done a great deal to keep the gameplay fresh: An important point, considering arcade shooters can often become dull rather quickly. Each level comes with a unique number of zombies to shoot, as well as a different variety of undead species. There are also larger boss creatures that must be destroyed, adding even more mayhem to the mix.

To top it all off, Paper Zombie comes complete with 70 levels, each with a unique level design. Combined with Game Center integration (including achievements and online leader boards) there’s more than enough replay value here to keep things interesting for a long time.

Paper Zombie by WildBit Studios screenshot

Graphics are perhaps the game’s biggest advantage. As the title suggests, Paper Zombie includes a cutout style design that greatly compliments the game’s Fruit Ninja-esque slashing action. The zombies look like cardboard boxes, and when hacked a bit, they seem appropriately sliced. It’s an excellent bit of eye candy, and one that I found particularly fun.

All in all, Paper Zombie is a brilliant addition to the arcade blasting genre on iOS. The gameplay is fresh, the artwork fun in an American McGee’s Grimm kind of way, and the unloackables enticing enough to keep the player going.

The game is free in the App Store for a limited time only, meaning there’s no better time to download it.