Penguin Fight is a game that pits your strength against your friends or the wily strategies of a computer. Penguin faces off against penguin, armed with bombs, until the bitter, crispy and explosive end. Personally, I’m of the persuasion that penguin tastes like chicken since they’re both relatively flightless birds, but what do I know?

Choose your playing field and dodge your enemy’s bombs while launching your own attack. Just tap the screen behind the wood barricade to move your feathery companion and tap the open battle field on your side to launch a grenade of death to your enemy’s side. There are wood barricades on the side to bounce your bombs off of for a better angle. I’m not going to touch the fact that I doubt those bombs would actually bounce. There are too many other odd things about the game setup that I would have to come to terms with before I could poke holes in that particular feature.

Each bird character also comes with different bombs that you can launch. There are initially two available. The first one is a bomb, and the second one is a┬áMolotov┬áCocktail. I’m going to freely admit that I think that’s awesome.

Penguin Fight is a universal app that is available on the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!