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wake N shake – The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition ($0.99) by Andres Canella is exactly what the name says, an alarm clock that will not let you go back to sleep. Utilizing a shake-to-stop feature, you’ll find yourself shaking your iPhone/iPod touch like a madman until the noisy thing shuts up.

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Do you sleep through your alarm clock? Do you hit the snooze button so many times that you inevitably find yourself rushing out the door without breakfast because you slept too late? If so, you need this app. Not only will it vibrate and play obnoxiously loud audio clips in an effort to wake you up, but it will also keep sounding as you shake your iDevice until it shuts off. The alarm will continue until you have shaken the phone long enough and hard enough for the shake meter to be full.

Once you have set the time, you can increase or decrease the shake intensity. If you are a somewhat light sleeper, you may want to keep the intensity at hard. If you don’t wake up very easily, you may want your shake strength to be merciless, which means you have to shake your iPhone or iPod touch extremely vigorously in order to shut it off. You can also change the alarm to one of 24 different loud and irritating sounds, including an audio clip of a robot telling you to get up and make some French toast. If that doesn’t put you in a good mood, nothing will.

You can set any number of alarms, a different one for each day of the week if you need it. You can even set multiple alarms per day. If you want to catch a few winks, you can set a quick nap alarm that will wake you between 10 minutes and one hour later, or you can customize it for any length of time you like.

I have often questioned the need for an alarm clock app when the iPhone’s native clock is perfectly functional. But, Wake N Shake is different. It really is a useful app, especially for those who have trouble waking up. It does not make it easy to sleep too late.

Overall, this app is the perfect companion for heavy sleepers. By shaking your device until you’ve filled the meter, you start your heart pumping, causing your blood to flow. This makes it nearly impossible for you to fall back to sleep once you have shut off the alarm. At only $0.99, this app may just save your job.