With Emmy season over, the television industry now turns its attention towards the new season. Beginning tonight, the four major networks, ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC begin offering original programming after a summer of reality TV and repeats.

Since the 2010/11 season ended in May, ABC and NBC have (finally) recognized the iPad’s importance with each now offering first-run episodes on each of their free apps.

Not CBS and FOX, which seem unable to accept Apple’s tablet as a suitable alternative to television.

Today, we focus on CBS, which seems to view the iPad as an advertising tool more than anything else.

Instead of releasing a fully functional iPad app, the Tiffany Network has instead offered up the CBS Fall Preview app.

The free app focuses primarily on the new shows set to debut this month or next, including “How to be a Gentleman,” “Unforgettable,” and “A Gifted Man,” among others.

Surprisingly, the app is amazing, if only as a marketing tool.

Each section offers information on each show’s cast plus video clips and photos. In addition, CBS has stepped up its Twitter game by offering tweets on each show.

The CBS Fall Preview app proves to us that the No. 1 network knows about the iPad. Unfortunately, its very entry into the App Store also proves CBS is unwilling to unload its programming onto the tablet anytime soon.

Instead, CBS offers only clips via its cbs.com website for iPad owners. This same site offers full episodes when viewed on a Mac or PC.

We’re not sure what CBS’ problem is with the iPad and why it remains uncommitted to offering full episodes on the tablet. Hopefully, CBS execs will soon wakeup and recognize the year is 2011 and not 1985.

As we wait, check out the CBS Fall Preview app. Or better yet, ditch CBS and use the ABC or NBC app.