The popular foursquare iPhone app has recently received a great update. Now, Apple fans running iOS 5 on their iPhone handset can take advantage of “foursquare Radar” – a new feature that promises to alert users when anything interesting is happening nearby, even if their iPhone is in their pocket!

As outlined in the app’s release notes:

HUGE update for people running iOS 5 on their iPhones: introducing foursquare Radar!

foursquare Radar is a new feature that lets you know about interesting and cool things nearby, even when your phone is in your pocket. For instance: maybe a group of your friends are hanging out nearby, or you’re around the corner from this amazing Mexican restaurant that’s been on your To-Do List forever. After you turn foursquare Radar on, your phone will let you know so you won’t miss out.

It helps you discover more about the world.

For iOS 4 people, there are some other cool changes, like new sharing features and an updated ‘Me’ tab (just tap on your name). Other than that, this is the same foursquare you know and love.

Oh, and nobody freak out, but we changed the color of the ball on our icon. Say goodbye to purple balls and hello to big green!

It’s an incredibly clever feature, and something we’re sure iOS 5 fans will appreciate.

Currently, foursquare is available to download in the App Store for free. Take a look at the latest version, and be sure to post your thoughts on foursquare Radar in the comments.