If you’re running a beta version of iOS 5 (or even the Gold Master version, which is technically available for non-developers) and have jailbroken your iPhone handset, you may have run into the issue displayed in the above image. Basically, a jailbreak app called “Activator” can cause applications to display in a quarter of the iPhone’s screen in iOS 5. Fortunately, a fix has been discovered.

According to iDownloadBlog, here’s how you can correct the issue:

Step 1: Open SBSettings
Step 2: Tap “Power”, and select “Safe Mode”
Step 3: Once booted into safe mode, tap the status bar when it says “Safe Mode”. This will bring up a prompt; tap “Restart” to restart into normal mode
Step 4: Launch an offending app, and the issue should be resolved

Because iOS 5 is still in development, not all iOS app developers (or jailbreak developers) have updated their apps for the upcoming software update. However, iOS 5 will be available for the general public in the very near future, meaning most applications should be compatible with the firmware soon.

We’ll keep you posted.