A new jailbreak tweak called “PowerIcons” has just come to our attention, which, once downloaded and installed, adds four new icons to a jailbroken iPhone’s springboard: “Reboot,” “Respring,” “Safe-Mode” and “Shutdown.”

The tweak is currently available to download free of charge from the Cydia Store, and really is as simple as it sounds. As mentioned, the four icons sit on the iPhone’s springboard, and allow users to easily perform the aforementioned tasks without having to hold down the Lock button (or even the Home and Lock button) for three seconds or more.

It’s a great tweak, and something we’re glad to see appear free of charge, also. Kudos to its developer (Ron Melkhior) for creating such a clever, handy and free jailbreak tweak.

Take a look at “PowerIcons” in the Cydia Store (as mentioned, it’s available for free), and be sure to post your thoughts in the comments.

[via Redmond Pie]