Asphalt Mania by R Rowley icon

Asphalt Mania (Free) by R Rowley is an arcade car racing survival game that will have you dodging in an out of traffic on a narrow road.

Steering is done by tilt to the left or right. It’s reliable for the most part, but could be a bit better.

Asphalt Mania by R Rowley screenshot

Sometimes you need to just nudge your car over a tiny bit to squeeze between two other cars. When you try, though, you might find you jerk over the road by a little too much and crash.

You don’t get any lives or second chances, one collision with another car and you’re done for that attempt. Fortunately, the walls don’t pose a problem. You can ride into them all you like.

After a short while, your speed will increase making the game quite a bit more challenging.

On the bottom right is a number above a house that shows how far you’ve gotten. The best score is always saved automatically and there’s no way to attach your name to it.

Asphalt Mania is quite fun to play, but there’s room for improvement in how many tracks you have to race on and the sensitivity of the controls. It’s put together very simply with no options for anything at all really.

It does come free, though, so there’s no reason not to try it out.