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Samsung Copy iOS Screenshot In Promotional Image

Most of us are aware of Apple's ongoing battle with Samsung. Samsung have already tried to ban the new iPhone 4S in two countries by claiming Apple has violated Samsung's intellectual property rights. But has Samsung rained on their own parade? In the picture above, (which has now been removed by samsung) you will find an image of a Samsung device, but that screenshot isn't owned by Samsung, all you iPhone users will be quite familiar with that screen, if you have ever used maps. And this isn't the first time we have seen Samsung use Apple's images. With Samsung fighting Apple in court over intellectual property rights, they really need to ask themselves "who's doing the copying here?" John Gruber even went as far as finding the original image posted by Laura Scott in 2008. Samsung have really dug themselves a hole here, and we wonder what will they do next? and will it help or ruin there court battles with Apple?