Remember¬†a few days back, when we learned that Sprint and Verizon iPhones come with an unlocked SIM slot? Sprint has now confirmed they will be shipping unlocked iPhones, but they have also confirmed it won’t be as simple as that.

The CDMA iPhone is actually shipped to your door unlocked, even though Sprint plans on locking your iPhone’s SIM slot “shortly after launch” via an update. Sprint has announced that they will be offering iPhone unlocking, but there are two conditions which you must meet; you must be a good customer and you must pay your bills on time. Now, how do we go about unlocking our phones? After a short period of time (unspecified), you will be able to contact Sprint, and ask them to unlock your device, you should then be able to pop a foreign micro-SIM card of your choice into your phone.

But what if you don’t want to keep changing your SIMs and risk losing the one not installed in the phone? Sprint has you covered with a worldwide voice add-on. It will cost you an extra¬†$4.99 per month and decreases your international per call costs. Or, are you going to wait for the unlocked iPhone and have a GSM carrier of your choice?