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IMDb Trivia, Free, Released September 27

IMDb Releases A New Movie, TV And Celebrity Trivia App For iPhone

If you have ever Googled the name of an actor or the title of a movie, one of the top search results undoubtedly will be from IMDb, which stands for Internet Movie Database. The website and iOS app are among the most comprehensive TV, movie and celebrity databases around.

Now you can put your Hollywood knowledge to the test in their latest app IMDb Trivia. There are several types of trivia questions within this app such as photo matches, choosing the right answers before time runs out, matching quotes to a show or star, guessing the name of an actor in a blurred picture and more.

New Releases

djay – David Guetta Edition, $7.99, Released September 27

The New djay – David Guetta Edition App Arrives For iPhone

The folks behind the popular djay apps for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, Algoriddim, have released their first special edition app. The djay – David Guetta Edition app is available now in the App Store.

Available for $7.99, the iPhone app offers the same amazing DJ tools available on the standard edition iPhone app, plus a few unique twists.

Freefall Spelling, $.99 & Universal, Released September 28

Your Kids Will Love Latest Title From ClickySticky Creator

The creators of the award-winning ClickySticky app titles, Merge Mobile, have released a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Freefall Spelling offers a unique and fun way for children to practice spelling.

The $.99 interactive game includes a fantastic soundtrack along with hand drawn original artwork and illustrations. The end result is a fast-paced interactive learning experience.

Plus, as your child spells several words in a row, they are rewarded with fun activities such as balloon and bubble popping, along with other rewards.

Boss Battles, Free, Released September 29

A Bit Of The Old And A Bit OF The New, Boss Battles Is One Enjoyable Space Shooter

Backflip Studios’, the creators of NinJump and Army of Darkness Defense, proudly launch Boss Battles, an action-packed space shooter that is littered with 1980s arcade excitement.

Space may be the new frontier, but it is riddled with the same old garbage. Corrupt entities are causing problems and forces are enlisting bounty hunters to bring back order in the galaxy. As Rico the Raccoon, you’ll accept eight different missions to track down and destroy the scum in hopes of earning great wealth in the process.

On completion of each mission, you are awarded with gems for your services. These gems can be used to upgrade your ship, add more ships (lives), and install enhancement (power-up) pods. As you complete your goals, each mission can be replayed for a larger reward. Of course, you’re getting a larger reimbursement because it’s more difficult the next time around.

FIFA Soccer 12 by EA Sports, $4.99, Released September 29

Still In The Game, EA Mobile’s FIFA Soccer 12 Arrives In The App Store

Sports fans can never get enough, and a great way to satisfy between game or off-season thirsts for excitement is by taking part in your own virtual tournament. EA is the premiere provider of game franchises for nearly every sport out there, but today, the cheers will be made by all of you soccer fans with the release of FIFA Soccer 12.

FIFA 12 isn’t a huge leap forward compared to the 2011 season version, however, it does contain a few new features that could be enticing enough to upgrade from a previous offering. The game remains the only officially licensed FIFA game in the App Store, including 22 leagues, 500 teams, and greater than 15,000 players. FIFA Soccer 12 also consists of the same Retina display graphics and 32 authentic stadiums.

Quora, Free, Released September 29

Quora Brings Questions And Answers Together With New iPhone App

Quora, the social networking site that makes it easy to get answers to life’s questions, has released a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch. The free app is available now in the App Store.

Like Wikipedia, Quora offers users a wealth of knowledge on a range of topics including technology, television, music, travel, among others. To get started, you must register for a free Quora account. This requires a Facebook or Twitter login.

From there, you can begin reading answers to questions posted by other Quora users, or ask one of your own. In total, there are questions in over 60,000 topics, including thousands of location-based topics.

KATAMARI Amore, Free & Universal, Released September 30

Katamari Amore Rolls Into The App Store

The second iOS installment of Namco’s popular Katamari Damacy series, Katamari Amore, is now available in the App Store.

Katamari Amore once again allows you to play as the Prince as he rolls his sticky Katamari all around new environments trying to collect as many objects as possible in order to increase its size. When you first start out your Katamari is only able to pick up smaller items like pins and marshmallows, but as you gather items you’ll be able to pick up monstrous ones like planes, ships, and even entire buildings which will also allow you to discover new areas.


Puzzle Love, Free, Updated September 27

Puzzle Love Will Satisfy Puzzle Fans Everywhere

Puzzle Love by Naked Apps is a beautiful collection of various puzzles for your iPhone.

The best thing about this app is how beautiful it looks. From the moment you launch it, you are presented with a beautiful interface. The main screen is divided into two different sections: Puzzles and Downloads.

With the initial app, Puzzle Love provides you with four puzzles in the Sample pack. However, as of this writing, there are two free puzzle packs available for download, so I would recommend grabbing them right away.

SHADOWGUN, $7.99 & Universal, Updated October 1

Third Person Action Shooter, Shadowgun, Finally Hits iPhone And iPad

If you enjoy iOS games with gorgeous graphics, console-like presentation, and action oriented gameplay, you are in for a treat. That is because Madfinger Games has released the long anticipated, third person shooter, Shadowgun. The title is available as a universal app so all iDevice owners can enjoy it.

What makes this game truly stand out, and this should be clear just by looking at screenshots, is how visually stunning the game is. It almost looks like a modern console game. The camera is over the shoulder or right behind the main character who you control, hence being a third person shooter. It wasn’t even created using the Unreal 3 engine, but instead with the Unity engine.

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