AppAdvice has teamed up with Tom Grimshaw in order to offer you a chance to win one of five promo codes for iKeepScore ($.99) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Tired of the pen and paper routine for keeping scores for games that don’t include their own system? iKeepScore does away with that hassle by turning your iDevice into an efficient scoreboard for up to eight players. It also includes some handy tools to help you be more organized while playing your game.

The main display has a grid of up to eight player positions when used on an iPad and up to six when used on an iPhone or iPod touch. Players can be renamed and scores easily adjusted by tapping the “-” or “+” buttons alongside the number. Simply tap on a player’s current score to select them, and then add or subtract points as required.

Let's play a game.

To view additional settings, just swipe right to left on the main display. Settings include loads of theme and background choices, player options, and the ability to change opacity.

Perform another right to left swipe to reveal a second score board. This board is designed to be set amongst all players. The iPhone and iPod touch accommodate two, while the iPad offers four player positions. Scoring works the same, but the second board allows each player to score for themselves.

Both scoreboards feature four main buttons. The checkered flag is used to advance to the next round; the trophy cup will show running totals for players and rounds; the refresh symbol is used to reset scores and names; and the gear is an additional way to move to the settings panel.

When viewing either scoreboard, a bottom to top swipe will reveal a random virtual coin to flip and up to four dice to roll. You can lock in each die with the padlock, and even add up to 20 sides to a die. Similar to before, tap on a die to select it and then change the options as desired. Give the coin a tap to flip it. Swipe top to bottom to return to the scoreboard. Giving a top to bottom swipe on either scoreboard will expose a simple timer. The timer can be set anywhere from one-second to an hour.

If the iPhone’s or iPad’s screen feels a little too small for this type of application, don’t worry, you can connect either one to your television thanks to iKeepScore‘s TV-out support.

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