Earlier this week, Jawbone introduced its UP wristband, the latest in a line of new appcessories, which work directly with the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad via third-party apps. Now, Apple is said to be readying new “appcessory” locations in future Apple Retail Stores, according to an exclusive report by T3 The Gadget Website.

According to Jawbone’s Head of Special Projects, Bandar Antabi, Apple is actively looking at adding distinct locations in Apple Retail Stores for app-connected hardware.

Says Antabi:

“Apple is absolutely going to be a driving force in the push of appcessories. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t start seeing appcessory sections within some of the Apple Stores in the near future.”

“Appcessories are going to play a significant role in the future of smartphones and applications. We will begin to see more and more companies integrate applications with accessories and other devices that can complement your smartphone experience.

With the number of appcessories increasing and most of those being developed for the iPhone and/or iPad, Antabi’s thoughts sound about right. After all, Apple Retail Stores already feature iDevice accessories such as cases and skins, so adding a section for appcessories makes perfect sense.