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App Store Is The Dominant Provider Of Mobile Apps (reworked)

Most of us love our iPhones, iPods, iPads and most also love the unlimited about of apps you may download from the App Store, and a recent statement by Gene Munster a Senior Research Analyst of Piper Jaffray suggests we may love them more than we think we do. A study carried out by Munster claims that 85-90% of paid mobile apps, are from are grabbed from the App Store. He also states that around 1.4% of all android apps are paid for, while in iOS this increases to 14%, showing us one thing, iOS users generally pay for more apps than Android users do. But what does this mean for Android users? Because android users are not paying for apps, developers are more inclined to develop for Apple, leaving Android users un-aware of some of the truly amazing apps iOS users use everyday.