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Apple (Mistakenly?) Approves Unlimited Tethering App, iTether

Honestly, I'm not sure how, but a new app, iTether, has managed to slip past Apple's all-seeing eye and land a spot in the App Store. The good news is: the app works flawlessly. Simply install the app on your iPhone, then install its companion application on your Mac or PC, run both applications simultaneously with your phone connected via USB, and voila! You should receive conformation that you are connected! Simple as that. Speeds will obviously depend on your location and your phone's service. And now the bad news: Apple is sure to pull this app at any moment now. I'm sure mobile carriers wouldn't be too pleased to know that customers are using their data plans for unauthorized tethering. Pick up iTether for $14.99 in the App Store while you still can! Let us know if the app works out for you.
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