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AppToGift: Give A Device Makeover With Pimp Your Screen

Black Friday traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. For some, it is a day of bargain-hunting glee, while others find themselves in a stress-induced tizzy, as they fight the crowds for the perfect holiday gift. As noted by my colleague Bryan Wolfe, TiPb wrote an interesting article about how to gift iOS apps. It's a great idea for a gift that's quick, inexpensive, and simple to give, and which will hopefully alleviate some shopping stress. The idea naturally raises the question, "But what apps shall I gift?" Between now and Christmas, I will try to highlight some apps that I think would make good virtual stocking stuffers. I will stay away from the really obvious apps, like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, or Cut the Rope and try to focus instead on apps that the general non AppAdvice-reading public may be unfamiliar with. The first app that I would gift (and which I have actually gifted) is this nifty wallpaper app called Pimp Your Screen, which is not the same as Pimp My Screen. Speaking of Bryan Wolfe, he also wrote a review for Pimp Your Screen back in March. What sets this app apart from other wallpaper apps I've tried is that the wallpapers look really good with your app icons; so often, a wallpaper app features gorgeous wallpapers, which just don't seem to mesh well with the icons. This app features stunning designs, which are custom fit to interface with the icons, whether through backgrounds, icon skins, a virtual app shelf or neon combos. It also allows you to preview what the wallpaper will look like by inserting sample icons. Finally, the app features a massive collection of wallpapers, which is updated daily. There will likely be many people getting an iPad or iPhone for the holidays. Pimp Your Screen is a great way to help them (and the many current iPad/iPhone owners) distinguish their devices in a beautiful way. Pimp Your Screen is available now in the app store for $0.99.


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