Best Buy just released an ad promoting the fact that they also sell Apple products this holiday season. The ad continues with a bit of humor on how “Santa should watch his back.” That leads to mom and Santa engaging in a pretty intense stare down over some milk and cookies.

I can see how it is a good strategy for Best Buy because the closest Apple retail store is about 2 hours from my home and it helps spread the word that online isn’t the only way to purchase Apple products.

However, Apple retail stores may not see the benefit as Best Buy offers the same products at lower prices, resulting in a possible holiday sales decline. Best Buy offers savings in the $100 – $200 realm on MacBook Pros and $50 iTunes gift cards for only $40.

Either way I’m sure Apple will do fine. TheĀ $7.31 billion net profit in this year’s third quarter isn’t too bad, right? Make sure you check out the embedded video below to watch the full Best Buy ad.