Still feel like something is missing from your collection of wallpapers? Like, motion? If you’re jealous of your Droid-wielding friends because their lock screens are animated and yours isn’t, then look no further: Live Wallpapers is here. Yes, you too can have an animated lock screen, without jailbreaking your device.

This universal app contains 12 different animated “wallpapers”, as well as nine different music tracks that play along with the animation. You can disable the music in the app’s settings, if you like. Choose a wallpaper, hit “play”, and that’s it! When you next re-awaken your device, your lock screen will be animated! Do be aware, since it is a film loop playing in the background, there will be an added drain on your battery.

Would you like to check it out for free? We’ve teamed with the developer to offer promo codes to five lucky readers. Enter to win a copy of Live Wallpapers by commenting below. Contest ends November 13 at 10:00 a.m. EST. Good luck!