When it was originally released, Evernote’s nifty education app, Evernote Peek, required the use of an iPad 2 since the app leveraged the power of the almighty Smart Cover to hide and display quiz answers. Well, thanks to an update that just hit the App Store today, original iPad owners — and Smart Cover-less iPad 2 owners, of course — can now join in on the educational fun with the introduction of Virtual Covers.

After updating Evernote Peek to v2.1, you’ll see a new section within the Settings menu where you can activate Virtual Covers and pick from one of the 10 colors. Then just pick a notebook, or create your very own by utilizing your Evernote data, and start quizzing yourself.

10 colors to choose from.

Virtual Covers operate much like their real life counterparts. To activate a quiz, drag the Virtual Cover tab hanging from the right top corner of your screen down towards the bottom. Then just swipe up a little to reveal a clue, and swipe even further to reveal the answer. If you finish the swipe all of the way to the top of the screen you can view your notebook’s name and your score, just like the real thing.

In addition to Virtual Covers, the update to Evernote Peek added five new notebooks of European trivia and squashed numerous bugs.

Evernote Peek v2.1 for iPad is now available in the App Store for free. If you’d like to see what we thought about the original version of this rather unique education app, you can check out our in-depth review.