Originally released as an iPad-exclusive app in mid-March, iCookbook is now available to iPhone- and iPod touch-toting home cooks thanks to a big version 2.0 update that hit the App Store today. The update also brings all kinds of handy new features that will definitely make planning and preparing your home meals much easier.

All 2,000+ of iCookbook‘s name-brand recipes have made their way to iPhone and iPod touch along with the app’s many original features like voice commands during preparation, search filters, kitchen tools, and personal recipe box. The best part is, if you already have iCookbook installed on your iPad and want to avoid having to add the same recipes and shopping list ingredients to your iPhone or iPod touch, it’s as easy as enabling iCloud. The only catch is that both devices need to use the same Apple ID for this feature to work.

Voice commands during preparation.

iCookbook also now allows you to push your recipes to your Apple TV-connected television via AirPlay, so you won’t need to walk all over the kitchen just to see the next step in the meal preparation process. That is, of course, if you are lucky enough to have an Apple TV-connected television in or near your kitchen.

iCookbook v2.0 also features a new recipe rating system, the ability to drag and drop recipes into My Recipe Box and Meal Builder, the ability to add photos to your own personal recipes, and a simplified way of displaying recipe collections in the iCookbook in-app store.

The latest version of iCookbook for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is now available in the App Store for $4.99. Check it out if you need some new ideas for Thanksgiving this year.