When it arrived in early September, The 911 Memorial: Past, Present and Future app climbed immediately to the top of the App Store listings and with good reason. Now, on this Veteran’s Day (11/11/11), the app has received its first significant upgrade and now includes features requested by users.

Available for $.99, the iPad app is the creation of noted writer-director Steve Rosenbaum and documents New York’s World Trade Center before, during, and after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The app includes hundreds of still photographs and hours of video clips, some of which are available on Rosenbaum’s CameraPlanet archive and 2002 documentary, 7 Days in September.

With its 2.0 update, the app now includes text, photos, and videos from the other locations hit by planes on that horrific day, Shanksville, PA and The Pentagon. In addition, the update includes:

  • Explore The Memorial – The Names Parapet (with video and photos)
  • Gallery: Opening Day at the 911 Memorial
911 App - Shanksville Section

911 App - Shanksville/Pentagon Section

According to Rosenbaum, who reached out to AppAdvice via email, the changes came about after recognizing that an “AppBook is dynamic, and that doesn’t just mean that the author can change the content. It means the readers/users can as well.” In other words, Rosenbaum received a lot of compliments and criticisms about the Version 1.0 release and made changes based on this input.

The 911 Memorial: Past, Present and Future app remains one of our favorite apps of 2011, and with its latest update those feelings have only been confirmed. It’s great to see the app – like the memorial itself – continuing to look to the future and not just the past and by doing so, changing with time.

Download it today in the App Store.