BabyPuzzle Tangram by Phoenix Creation icon

BabyPuzzle Tangram (Free) by Phoenix Creation is a young person’s puzzle game that will have them building different images with various shaped pieces, all designed to fit together perfectly.

After choosing which image to construct, the child is presented with the image made up of empty sections on the left, and colorful pieces on the right.

BabyPuzzle Tangram by Phoenix Creation screenshot

By holding a finger over a piece, it can be “picked up” and dragged to wherever it belongs. I handed the game over to my 5-year-old nephew to see what he would make of it. He really enjoyed it at first, he especially liked the way the image lit up and applause sounded upon completing the puzzle.

However, he gave up after just a couple of images in frustration, saying that the pieces were too unreliable, and would keep slipping back into position when he tried to move them into place. I am, of course, paraphrasing.

Getting around this is easy for an adult with experience on an iPhone because all that’s really needed is for the finger to be held in place a little longer both when picking up and placing down a piece. For a 5-year-old, however, it was difficult.

This app is a nice idea for kids who I expect will generally find it a fun introduction to iPhone gaming. It’s unfortunate that the controls aren’t as reliable as they could be.