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Corpse Granny HD ($2.99) by Bulkypix is a physics-based puzzle game complete with zombies, grannies, and plenty of undead-exploding devices for you to manipulate.

The goal, of course, is to wreak havoc on cartoon zombies. The trick, though, is that it must be done in the most efficient way possible. This is a zombie apocalypse, after all — resources are limited.

In the game, you don’t have weapons, but instead, control the environment to create traps, launch fireballs, cut ropes, break chains, and send all sorts of disasters onto unsuspecting undead.

Corpse Granny HD by Bulkypix screenshot

This is no simple hack and slash zombie game. These puzzles will require some serious thought and may lead to frustration, but don’t worry, the game includes some fun arcade levels to help you let off steam.

There are three worlds to explore and dozens of levels in each world. You have a set of fireballs in each level hooked up with rope, and you must cut them down in a way that will destroy all of the zombies. The right momentum and proper angles are key elements to each puzzle.

I felt bad destroying the zombies in Corpse Granny, because they’re just so darn cute with their pitiful hunched over look and adorable, detachable jaws. But after awhile, the puzzles got so difficult that I relished each and every zombie inferno.

There’s a time limit, and if you take too long figuring out puzzles, you won’t get all three crystals. Crystals are used for scoring, so you’ll want to replay puzzles a few times to get the best score.

Corpse Granny HD by Bulkypix screenshot

When you get too frustrated with the game, you can use in-app purchases to buy the ability to skip a level. With puzzles potentially this difficult, it’s disappointing that the option to skip a level wasn’t included with the initial purchase. If you have high blood pressure, you might want to find a different game to play.

Overall, this app is heavily reminiscent of games like Cut the Rope, so if you enjoy those types of puzzles, this is an app that you should pick up. I reviewed the iPad version, but there is also an iPhone version of the game available for $0.99.