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Awesome Bowling Found In Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling HD

Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling HD by Skunk Studios, Inc. icon

Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling HD ($2.99) by Skunk Studios, Inc. is just about the coolest bowling game for iOS.

Regular bowling can be fun to do on a Saturday night, especially if it’s cosmic bowling, but this app is just as enjoyable for the rest of the week (and yes, it has cosmic bowling, too). The quirky power-ups and far-out lane options also add a unique twist on the classic game.

Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling HD by Skunk Studios, Inc. screenshot

The gameplay goes as you would expect it to. As you stare down the alley with the ball hovering near the foul line, you can position it left or right. A green arrow is used for aiming. Once it’s lined up where you want it, pull your finger back and swing forward.

For those wanting to go pro, try putting spin on the ball. A multiplier will activate, which can double or triple your golden pin points.

Up to four players can join in the fun. Entering the names is much easier than the computers at real bowling alleys. Each player can select his or her own ball, and the power-ups allocated will stay with them.

By default the camera will follow the ball down the alley. This is fun to watch for a while, but you can always turn it off if it gets old. The commentator soundtrack is entertaining, but limited.

Knocking out the namesake golden pin will score points, which can be used to unlock items. Upgrade your ball, buy power-ups, or get a differently themed lane. What’s amazing is how quickly these points can be scored.

The power-ups are definitely worth looking into. “Da bomb” turns the ball into a cartoon bomb that can be tripped to create an atomic/concussive blast, “mini splits” is like the blue Angry Bird of bowling, and “steering wheel” gives you full control of the ball as it rolls down the lane.

If you’re looking for a great bowling game, I highly recommend this one. There’s always the lite version if you’re still not sure.

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