I Won

I Won’t Fall ($0.99) by Agni Studios is a simple pick up and play game for all ages. The story is that there was an earthquake that separated a mother from her many children. She must set out to find them in this touching tale of reunion.

The goal is to make it to your child at the end of each level. But this isn’t as easy as it may sound.

I Won

To begin with, the platforms you must jump to are constantly moving, so you must time your jumps perfectly or you’ll fall — despite the name of the app being I Won’t Fall. It’s essentially Frogger-like in gameplay.

Tap anywhere on the screen to jump and make it to the end of each level, where you will reunite with your lost child. You will go up against many obstacles including spiked platforms, plants that are trying to eat you, and giant insects.

It does get pretty frustrating; as soon as you miscalculate a jump, and fall to your death, you must start the entire level over again, no matter how far you had already gotten.

The graphics are definitely worth noting. They are crisp and cute: a perfect fit for the game and storyline.

I Won

The developers plan on adding an endless mode, which may pique my interest a bit more. For now, there are currently only 45 levels. It does have Game Center support, but the leaderboards have yet to come (hopefully in the next update).

I Won’t Fall is available for both the iPhone ($0.99) and iPad ($1.99) in the App Store. As casual, simple pick up and play games go, this one is worth the small price, however, I did get bored rather quickly and the game itself is pretty short. I think it needs a bit more oomph before the replay value is there.