Wonton 51 by Quarter Circle Punch icon

Wonton 51 ($0.99) by Quarter Circle Punch is an arcade shooter for the iPhone with retro, pixelated graphics and a humorous storyline — complete with love story.

Jonny’s girlfriend, Cookie, has been kidnapped by the evil Baron Wonton. You must fight your way through the numerous mechanical shooters and bosses to save her. Dodge bullets and buildings while simultaneously shooting at them and eating ramen to, well, survive. Eating the ramen noodles adds to your health and helps you become a stronger fighter.

Wonton 51 by Quarter Circle Punch screenshot

The controls can be toggled between relative or direct. Slide your finger along the bottom of the screen — from left to right — to control Jonny’s mech and avoid getting hit by bullets or running into buildings. To shoot back, tap on the screen where the enemy is. You must tap repeatedly to fire as there is no continuous bullet action.

The fact that you must have two fingers on the screen at all times to play this game is obstructive and does not work very well. Not only are you covering most of the screen and unable to see what lies ahead, but controlling the character this way is awkward and nonsensical.

Wonton 51 by Quarter Circle Punch screenshot

I like the graphics and humorously explained storyline of this arcade shooter, but the controls ruin it for me. The controls are so terrible, that you want to give up before you barely get started.

Wonton 51 comes with Game Center and OpenFeint support and is for the iPhone only. It is available in the App Store for $0.99, but I would let this one go. Until the controls are changed, or it goes on sale for free, it’s not worth your time (or money).