At first, I wasn’t too impressed with iDino. I was hoping for some information about the dinos instead of just pictures. However, this season is about giving thanks for things. Even things that don’t seem to be worth much and end up surprising you. I sat on my couch and tested the app while my kids watched “Cars 2.” I’ve had a rough day. Not that anyone wants to hear in detail how my day reeked, but it did involve accidentally buying 500 rounds of ammo for the wrong gun. It’s not my gun. I don’t know anything about guns. It’s not my fault. So, the last thing I really felt like doing was reviewing an app that I felt didn’t deliver.

Then, my son heard the dino noises. He giggled and squealed while he came running to me. He grabbed my phone, sat down beside me, and completely ignored his favorite movie. He picked all the different dinos and listened to the different roars and growls. He asked me to say their names, and I will admit to making a few of them up because I couldn’t pronounce them. He loved it. So, even if I wasn’t too thrilled about seeing a few dino pics and hearing some shrieking coming out of my phone, my son enjoyed it. Sometimes enjoying a quirky app consists of seeing how happy my kid is spending time with me and one of his all-time favorite things: my phone. Just kidding. He’s a dinosaur nut. So, if there are any other iDevice users out there who have dino-loving kids, it’s well worth spending a few mintes and seeing them enjoy themselves.

The iDino app is for the iPhone and is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE! Your kid’s smiles? Those are free too.