Penguins may look cute on the surface. Sure, what with their webbed feet and flapping flippers, but there’s an insidious side to these flightless birds. They have a history of being kleptomaniacs. That’s right. Those fluffy birds will steal the shirt off your back while you offer another one a piece of¬†anchovy. Your mission in Taming Penguins is to neutralize the natural thieves and retrieve the goods that they’ve stolen.

On the bottom right corner, there are three different ways to catch your penguin. You can hit it, tickle it or soak it with a water gun. It really doesn’t matter which one you use, it’s just nice to have a choice. Each stage starts out with items to retrieve. Each penguin you take out drops an item. The trick is remembering which item you saw in the beginning of the stage. The higher the stage, the more items there are to remember.

If you don’t hit the penguin, they throw a rock at your screen and crack it. The penguins keep popping up in the same places. If they crack the screen enough, you can’t see them. That would make catching them more difficult. The higher stages have more penguins appearing and it gets harder to keep a clean screen.

Not everything is up for grabs though. There’s a puppy with a bone that cries no matter what you use against him. You have three lives, and you lose one every time you hit the dog. I don’t understand why this dog insists on hanging around with those thieving birds, but he does. He should be prepared to get his fair share of abuse from item hunters, but he isn’t. He’s sensitive. Leave him alone, and you’ll keep your lives. Well, unless you tap on the wrong item. You’ll lose a life for that too.

Taming Penguins is a universal app available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!