Robot Entertainment, best known for developing hit strategy games Age of Empires and Orcs Must Die!, have officially announced their iOS debut title, Hero Academy.

Hero Academy is a two-player turn-based strategy game where your goal is to destroy your opponent’s crystal before they’re able to do the same to you. You’ll be put in control of a variety of units from different character classes, and you’ll have to make the decision whether to advance them across the playing field, attack, defend, or utilize the random but powerful items on the board.

Casting spells and taking names.

Since this is an asynchronous game — think Words with Friends — you’ll have a chance to ponder over your decision before submitting your turn. You’ll also be able to have multiple games taking place at once, and since push notifications will alert you when it is your turn to play again, you can choose to make your move whenever you have a spare moment.

Hero Academy will also feature a built-in chat system, and two teams with a total of five units each at launch. Additional teams, avatars, and add-ons will be made available in the future via in-app purchase.

Hero Academy is set to hit the App Store sometime this winter for a yet-to-be-determined price.

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