Fans of the popular Rovio game Angry Birds Rio are in luck, as a new update for the iOS game is now available.  Now, fans of the app can enjoy 15 new levels from the game’s new and final section, “Smugglers’ Plane.”

Both versions of the app – Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Rio HD – have received the update, which became available earlier today.

If you’re not already a fan of Angry Birds Rio, you can try out a reduced version of the app for free: Angry Birds Rio Free and Angry Birds Rio HD Free are both currently available to download, though neither features the latest episode.

Released earlier this year, Angry Birds Rio now includes five completed sections – “Smugglers’ Den,” “Jungle Escape,” “Beach Volley”, “Carnival Upheaval,” and “Airfield Chase.”

“Smugglers’ Plane” is expected to include 15 additional levels, thereby closing the book on Angry Birds Rio, which first launched earlier this year. In total, the game now includes 165 levels.

As mentioned, the updated versions of Angry Birds Rio ($0.99) and Angry Birds Rio HD ($2.99) are currently available to download now.