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Swivl Stand Is Looking For You.

We all love recording on our iPhones, but what if you want to record yourself? You have to have a friend with you, or prop the device somewhere... unless you want to use the front facing camera, which I'm sure you don't. Well the Californian company, Satarri, have shown us how they can solve this for us. After 8 months of tweaking their product, Satarri are now allowing pre-orders for their Swivl, a new take to holding your cellphone, or other handheld device. Swivl is a motorised base which swivels to the location of a receiver placed on your person, or a moving object. Great for those recording themselves doing crazy things on a BMX. But this is particularly nice for the blogging world, as they will no longer have to carry their recording device. The Swivl will track left, right, up and down, so where ever you are, Swivl will find you. Swivl will cost you a nice $159 to pre-order for the 2012 ship date, we will see Swivl in action at this Januarys CES.