Nearly 2 1/2 years after it was first released, the iPhone 3GS is still making news, as is Siri, the voice recognition software found on the iPhone 4S. Still, the biggest news of the week could be what was just released by Jawbone, UP. The $99 device could change how each of us lives each day. These topics and more made news during the week that was.

Industry News

Apple Still Considering Siri For The iPhone 4 – Seeds Internal Build For Testing / Read Full Article

If you were disappointed by the fact that Apple has made Siri an exclusive iPhone 4S feature, there is still some hope for you. We’re hearing that there is still a chance that Apple will be bringing the feature to older iDevices such as the iPhone 4.

As revealed by the folks at Jailbreaknation, Apple is still considering releasing Siri on the iPhone 4 and even went as far as installing a special build of iOS 5, that includes Siri, on a number of Apple employee’s iPhone 4 handsets recently to test it out for a few days. The news, comes from a Jailbreaknation source close to Apple, which they were kind enough to let us verify, and it does appear to be legitimate.

The iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS

Apple’s Secret Weapon This Holiday Season Isn’t The iPhone 4S – It’s The iPhone 3GS / Read Full Article

This holiday season Apple has a secret weapon to go against the countless Android-based handsets available in the marketplace. No, the weapon isn’t the iPhone 4S, Siri, or the still powerfully (and cheaper) iPhone 4. Rather, it’s the company’s two-year old iPhone 3GS, according to Bloomberg.

Launched in 2009, Apple’s third iPhone stopped being cool with first adopters and everyday techies long ago. Yet, the model will still account for 20 percent of iPhone sales this quarter. The reason is simple. Since October 4, Apple and AT&T have been offering consumers the handset for free if it is purchased with a contract. As such, the iPhone 3GS is now Apple’s first entry into the free-phone market.

App News

Jawbone UP

Jawbone UP

Live A Healthier Life With Jawbone’s UP Wristband / Read Full Article

Yesterday, Jawbone announced a brand new product called “UP.” This colorful, clever wristband syncs with users’ iPhone and iPod touch, and allows them to track their daily activity, sleep patterns and eating habits, making it easier than ever before to improve one’s personal health.

The wristband features MotionX technology, and can accurately monitor users’ movement and sleep activity. Once you’re using UP, it’s possible to track your steps, distance, calories burned and GPS routes; when sleeping, UP can monitor your sleep quality, and can choose to wake you at exactly the right point in your sleep cycle. Furthermore, the wristband can vibrate to alert users if they’ve been inactive for a prolonged period of time.

After eating a meal, you can use a dedicated iPhone and iPod touch app to log how you feel, ultimately allowing users to figure out which meals make them feel best (within this app, you can also view your activity and sleep history, and create and join fun challenges).

Sparrow For iPhone Should Be Available In A Few Months / Read Full Article

For a while now, we’ve known that an iPhone version of Sparrow is in development. Now, the application is reportedly nearing completion, and to get us all excited the app’s developer has released a teaser image of Sparrow running on an iPhone handset.

If you’re not familiar with Sparrow, the $9.99 Mac app provides users with a well-designed alternative to the built-in Mail application. The app supports Google Mail, Yahoo!, AOL and any custom IMAP server, and has become extremely popular among Mac fans.

(You can try out the Mac application for free by downloading the lite version of Sparrow.)

Now Enjoy Creating Music On Your iPhone And iPod Touch Too With The Latest GarageBand For iOS / Read Full Article

Practical or not, Apple’s GarageBand music making app has gone even more mobile with iPhone and iPod touch support. The latest update is the always appreciated universal app format, plus a couple other new features as well.

Your entire band can now be in your pocket. Along with the previous capabilities, Apple has added custom chord creation for “smart” instruments and support for 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures.