As we previously reported, a number of Jawbone UP users have run into problems with their device, things such as syncing and charging issues. Today, Hosain Rahman, the CEO of Jawbone issued a statement acknowledging the issue. He announced that the company will address the problem by issuing a full refund to its customers, while still letting them keep the device.

Beginning Dec. 9, 2011, users can request a full refund for each UP bracelet they own. No questions asked. Rahman stated:

This means that for whatever reason, or no reason at all, you can receive a full refund for UP. This is true even if you decide to keep your UP band. We are so committed to this product that we’re offering you the option of using it for free.

Rahman also noted they know what the issue is with the new device:

With your help, we’ve found an issue with two specific capacitors in the power system that affects the ability to hold a charge in some of our bands. We’re also fixing an issue with syncing related to the band hardware. Typically, these issues surface within the first seven to ten days of use. The glitches are purely performance related and do not pose any safety risk.

In the meantime, Jawbone has paused production of the UP bracelet until a fix for the issues can be released. Users may still use the app and bracelet even if they request a refund. Hopefully Jawbone will come up with a fix soon as this is a big loss for the company during the busy holiday season.

For more details, and to request a refund, visit Jawbone’s dedicated info page.