Apple fans, avoid this application: Craft – Build Terrain. Though it might appear to be some kind of MineCraft client, the application is, in fact, a $1.99 scam that you will undoubtedly regret purchasing and downloading.

The news of the scam reached us via iDownloadBlog earlier today, who urges its readers to not download Craft – Build Terrain. Indeed, the application is nothing more than an App Store scam, appearing in its release notes to have received five star reviews but, in reality, boasting an average rating of two stars and a heap of negative iTunes reviews.

The application is a scam!

You’ve been warned.

If any other App Store scams have come to your attention, let us know using the comments below and we’ll do our best to publicize them on the website.

[Please note: in this article I haven't linked to Craft - Build Terrain for fear that somebody, without reading the article, will purchase the application.]