Apple seems to be paying special attention to the rumor mill, keeping tabs on those developing mockups that look promising, or threatening. They already offered an internship to Peter Hajas who created MobileNotifier.

Well, Jan-Michael Cart, a mass media major in Georgia, who worked with MacRumors earlier this year on a Siri mockup, has now caught the company’s eye. Cart was always coming up with neat iOS interface changes — ways to make it better — and posting these concepts on the Web.

Apple is paying close attention to these mockups and these designers. Whether it’s because their ideas are brilliant, or even because Apple is trying to jump on the genius designs before someone else does, the company knows exactly what it’s doing.

Cart has made it to Cupertino and is understandably stoked to intern with them — and we’re stoked for him! We’re looking forward to seeing many more new ideas and following along with him on his journey into the realm of Apple. We’re even more interested in who Apple is going to hire next.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is Cart’s fast-app switching concept, which is absolutely brilliant:

You can check out all of Cart’s other iOS videos by visiting his YouTube channel here.