Ever feel unmotivated or held back because you are stuck in a rut? Unstuck by Unstuck LLC will help you work through your challenges, peel away the layers and get to the root of your stuck moment. Then, you can take action to move forward and bring out your best.

Once you sign up for an account from within the app, you will begin to uncover more about your stuck moment. When you first begin, you are prompted to choose how you are feeling. Pick three cards that have one word emotions on them such as, lost, tired, stumped, unmotivated and more.

Then, decide if your moment is personal, professional or both, and if it involves only you or others. Continue to answer questions and work through some exercises. When you use the provided tools, the app will help you think differently about your situation.

Hopefully, this process will assist you in moving out of your stuck moment. However, Unstuck will not just tell you what to do. The process involves personal reflection and thought, so it requires some work on your part in order for it to be effective.

If you enjoy process work like mind mapping or journaling, this app is worth checking out. Currently Unstuck is free in the app store, and it is a great productivity tool for your iPad. We are all responsible for our own results, and Unstuck provides some great tools to help us out.