Percolator by Tinrocket LLC is an interesting photo app that cleverly integrates the coffee brewing process into simple photo editing. Now with more brew types and other improvements, Percolator will help you design creative photos in a way no other app does.

Percolator allows you to become a barista as you edit and create a masterpiece from your photos. During the percolating stage, the picture is imported from your iPad into the app. Then, pick your grind, brew type and how you want it served. Through the entire brewing process, you will watch your creativity come alive.

Original Imported Image

If you are familiar with the previous version of the percolator, you will definitely notice the upgrades. For starters, the app is now universal, with support for the iPad. There are new “brews” to choose from, which are features in the editing process. During the “serve” process of your editing, you can now choose tone, textures and animated effects.

Extra Fine Grind With Circles Brew

Percolator also added social networking features so you can share your creations on Twitter, Facebook and through email. There are also many other tweaks and improvements in this new version which have come from suggestions by users.

Percolator is an enjoyable and unique app that is different from other photo editing options for your iOS device, and it’s available for $1.99 in the App Store.

Served "Steepia" Style