Our music and other media could always be a little louder, a little bit clearer, and even more portable. This Kickstarter campaign by John VDN and Vitor Santa Maria is the perfect combination of all of these things — and more.

John and Vitor wanted to create an amazing Bluetooth radio and speaker that was so simple to use, you didn’t even have to think about it. This is the Apple logic that we love so much, so we definitely appreciate this being applied to our Apple device accessories, as well.

Just lift the cap of this device to turn the device on and the more you raise it, the more volume you’ll get. This speaker is great for listening to music wherever you want, watching movies, and — guess what? — it even works as a speakerphone. Watch out, Jawbone Jambox!

If you don’t have a Bluetooth device handy, however, no need to panic: You can use the line-in cable and included AM/FM radio instead.

John and Vitor have spent the last four years perfecting this device, and here they are: with these sleek and beautiful speakers.

If you like what these guys are doing, and love the product, go support them at Kickstarter and make a pledge. Or, at least check them out, and read more about this Hidden Radio and Bluetooth speaker.

Note: If you are on an iOS device, and can’t view the above video, please click here to see the video.