The popular Civilization Revolution ($6.99) and Civilization Revolution HD ($12.99) applications have recently received an update. Now, fans of both apps can enjoy iCloud game saves, Game Center support (which adds 29 achievements), much improved visuals and a scenario generator.

As outlined in the apps’ release notes, changes made in the updates include:

  • iCloud support: save your game to iCloud storage and play your save game on any other iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad (you can save your game on iPhone and continue on iPad)
  • Game Center Support: 29 Achievements
  • Visual Fidelity: improved terrain textures, new resource icons, improved unit icons, and animated water, seagulls and fish to make the terrain come to life
  • Scenario generator: Create your own scenario challenges. By popular demand from the iPad version.

It’s great to see Civilization Revolution receive popular features such as iCloud game saves and Game Center support – indeed, we’re surprised the applications didn’t already boast these features. The new visuals also look impressive, and the scenario generator (which was already available in the iPad version) means players will struggle to get bored of Civilization Revolution.

As mentioned, Civilization Revolution for the iPhone and iPod touch can be downloaded for $6.99. The high definition iPad version of the app, Civilization Revolution HD, can be yours for $12.99. However, if you’ve already purchased one or both apps, the update (or updates) can be downloaded for free.

Let us know your thoughts on the recently updated Civilization Revolution applications in the comments.