iH8sn0w’s iFaith SHSH tool has recently received an update (1.4), and now supports all versions of Apple’s mobile operating system up to iOS 5.0.1. Furthermore, besides saving SHSH blobs, the updated software also has the ability to save users’ AP ticket. However, the downside is that iFaith currently does not support Apple A5 iOS devices (such as the iPhone 4S and iPad 2).

Yesterday, we told you about TinyUmbrella’s most recent update, which adds support for iOS 5.1 beta. Just like iFaith, TinyUmbrella allows users to save their iOS device’s SHSH blobs and downgrade their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (that is, install an earlier version of the iOS onto that mobile device: this is something Apple prohibits). Despite receiving support for the most recent versions of Apple’s iOS, TinyUmbrella’s update didn’t necessarily mean users who had updated to iOS 5.x would have the ability to downgrade their iOS device. Instead, we recommended that users updating to iOS 5.x save their SHSH files regardless, as there was and is no downside to taking the precaution.

However, the recently updated iFaith not only has the ability to save users’ SHSH blobs, but it also can save users’ AP ticket. This, as iDownloadBlog notes, makes downgrading to a custom ISPW “theoretically possible.”

Unfortunately, iFaith only supports Windows at the moment, and as mentioned does not support Apple A5 iOS devices. For the meantime, we would advise Mac users to download TinyUmbrella and save their SHSH blobs using that program, and we’ll let you all know if iFaith gets support for OS X.

Head over to iH8sn0w’s website for iFaith’s download links.