Plants vs. Zombies, your favorite tower defense game, has been updated and given some festive flare. You’ll notice that the music is now remixed holiday music. On top of that, some of the zombies will be sporting Santa hats. They may be dead, but that doesn’t mean they don’t participate in the holidays, okay?

I should note, though, that this is only for the iPhone version. I guess the HD zombies are scrooges.

Before you comment about how you don’t celebrate the holidays, why should the games you play force it upon you: If you’re not feeling the holiday spirit you can always turn it off. Just uncheck the box in settings that says “Festive Mode.”

Toggle Festive Mode on and off in settings

There. Now you can hang out with the scrooge zombies from the HD version.

You can purchase Plants vs. Zombies in the App Store for the iPhone ($0.99) and the iPad ($2.99).