Pulse News for iPhone and Pulse News for iPad (both free) have recently received a great update, adding a redesigned catalogue, a new feature called “Smart Dock” and an improved user interface to the popular applications.

As outlined in the apps’ release notes, changes made in the updates (2.7) include:

  • Completely Redesigned Catalog: New cover flow interaction to browse through sources and discover your favorite content
  • Introducing Smart Dock: Based on what you read, Pulse recommends you sources you may enjoy
  • Simpler, Cleaner Interface: Pulse takes a back seat, and lets the content shine and take the center stage

Undoubtedly, these are a couple of updates fans of both applications will undoubtedly appreciate. The apps’ new interface looks great, and Smart Dock is very useful – it’s also nice to see the familiar cover flow interaction in Pulse News’ redesigned catalogue.

If you’re a fan of Pulse News for either iPhone or iPad, download the apps’ recently released updates now. Both applications are available to download for free in the App Store.