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GoCal for Google Calendar™ with Synchronization ($4.99) by Light Room is a professional solution for your Google calendar.

Even though the iPad has its own built in calendar app, you still might find yourself in search of something more advanced. With GoCal, users can manage their Google calendar and view anything they’ve already set up on the default Calendar.

GoCal for Google Calendar™ with Synchronization by Light Room screenshot

With the App Store over-saturated in many categories, I’m sure you’ve noticed the abundance of calendar apps. So you might wonder what makes or breaks a calendar app; the answer is the design and experience. GoCal doesn’t fail to impress, as it features a clean, colorful, and simple interface.

GoCal is setup with a little bit more style than Apple’s own default option. You can expect to see an organizational use of color, making GoCal easy to read. Users can sort by day, week, month, or list when viewing events. They can also decide which calendars are synced and listed — this comes in handy for multiple calendars. These are all relatively standard features of a calendar app, but important to have.

What really makes GoCal standout is the integration with Google. The entire experience operates seamlessly, and once set up, you’ll never find yourself tinkering with it again.

If you can do it on the Web version of Google Calendar, you can do it here. The flawless integration with Google is apparent; an example is when you tap on a location on an event, which will take you to Google Maps.

The average user may be satisfied with the default Calendar app, but for those looking for an enhanced interface and extra features, then GoCal is a must.