Santa Post by Chunkout Pty Ltd icon

Santa Post (Free) by Chunkout Pty Ltd is a very simple Christmas game that has you delivering presents to people in buildings and cars. Santa won’t be making his usual trip down the chimney this year. Instead, he will be tossing gifts down from his sleigh while he is flying by overhead.

Santa Post by Chunkout Pty Ltd screenshot

You’ll see several buildings of different heights and two cars driving back and forth as Santa flies across the top of the screen. Each of the buildings and cars will be glowing with a warm yellow color, which indicates that the occupants are waiting for their presents.

When you tap the screen, Santa will drop a package, which will fly downward and forward. Wait until you think he’s in the correct position then send the gift down to a glowing building or car.

If the package finds its target, it will stop glowing and you’ll get some points. When you’ve hit everything, you go to the next level. The buildings and cars don’t change, but they do light up again so you can keep delivering presents and getting points.

Santa Post by Chunkout Pty Ltd screenshot

Santa himself, however, manages to make the game more challenging. As you progress through the levels, his speed will increase significantly.

Each time you fail to hit an object, you’ll lose one of your three lives so be careful. You’ll need those lives as long as possible to keep improving your high score.

I expect Santa Post to be one of many seasonal games released this Christmas, and it’s unlikely to be the best. There is no real attempt to make the game more interesting or challenging, and if it required a purchase, I would advise you to steer clear. Fortunately, it is free so if you feel like getting in the Christmas spirit, this may be a good way to start.