I have studied four different languages in addition to English. That’s right. I’m a language nut. I’ve studied French, Spanish, Attic Greek and Latin. I’ve got a pretty solid foundation in Indo-European languages, and I’ve got the grammar down fairly well. It’s not perfect, but I can get by. So, when I look at, not a language, but an accent and wonder, “What in the world happened in order to spawn that nonsense,” then I’m definitely out of my league. The Brummie accent of England simply has me baffled. The app iBrummie is a translator for the rest of us.

After extensive and intensive research and discovery (I googled it and read a few paragraphs in a Wikipedia article), I’ve come to┬átentatively understand that the Brummie accent comes from the city of Birmingham, England. In fact, if Wikipedia has any validity whatsoever, different parts of the city have different strengths and nuances in accent. Naturally, I was intrigued by this, so I started reading through the different phrases from English to Brummie. I have no intelligent idea of how these phrases came to be. My best guess is that the city as a whole suffered from a massive stroke, and their language centers all degraded in the same manner. Thus, they’re still able to communicate and understand each other, but their words are lost upon the rest of the world. Like I said, I have no intelligent explanation for the accent.

Even if you’re not going anywhere near Birmingham, the phrases are strange enough to warrant a quick peek. Heck, some of the Queen’s English is a little quirky too. There’s the option of looking through the phrases in Brummie or English.

The iBrummie app is universal and available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!