Tiny Places is a whimsical new game that has just been published by Big Fish Games. Relax this holiday season with this strategic puzzle game, which will have you swinging Napoleon the Chameleon into tiny places.

If you enjoy games like Cut The Rope, Tiny Places will be a great addition to your iPhone or iPad. The idea is to swing Napoleon by his tongue while moving from peg to peg. The goal is to pick up stars, avoid obstacles, dodge falling objects, and land in a tiny little place.

The game progressively becomes more difficult. You will be using physics, gravity and skill to master the various challenges. There are achievements and badges to earn, items to collect, and high scores to beat as you work your way through the different levels.

Tiny Places was created by Gogogic, and the game provides cute graphics and music to help keep you engaged. Napoleon and his sticky tongue will provide hours of fun and even frustration as you try to master each level.

Tiny Places is available for the iPad for $1.99 and the iPhone for $0.99. There is also a free version so you can try the game out before you buy.