Christmas Gift ($1.99) by PIXEL DRUIDS STUDIOS PRIVATE LIMITED is a universal Christmas themed match three game for you to snuggle up with on a cold winter’s night. From the makers of Bespooked, the Halloween themed match three game, this holiday inspired app is just as much fun as its predecessor.


Take your average match three game and add a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg and you’ve got Christmas Gift. The goal is to reach 100 points per level. Points are earned by matching three or more items in a row or column. The challenge is to reach 100 points before the time clock takes them all away. Instead of a timer running down, points run down. Players can avoid losing the game, as long as there is at least one point on the board.

Each level gets more difficult as matches are harder to find. Hidden objects pepper the board. They can be unhidden by tapping the question mark, but that will cost you. Some will help to achieve matches and increase the score. Some will just suck up precious points, making it harder to complete a level.

Like its predecessor, this game has a lot of glitches. This time, it does affect the game’s play. Sometimes, when tapping to switch items so that a match can be made, nothing will happen. Worse yet, sometimes an annoying buzzing sound will let you know that the move cannot be made. The problem is the move can be made. Clearly, switching the items in question would make a match, but the game will not let it happen. Additionally, the overall gameplay lags and there are many times when item switching will take up seconds that could eventually end the game.

The game is casual and fun. The theme will get you in the holiday spirit. However, I can’t recommend it at $1.99. Presumably, the game is more expensive because it is universal, but it is a simple match three game with a lot of glitches. It is worth $0.99, but not two bucks. Hopefully, the developers will fix the problems and lower the price of this app.